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“In our view Rafael is one of the European stars of narrative performance, always witty, challenging, sensitive and engaging in a way unlike anyone else we’ve ever come across. What more can we say apart make sure you see this.” Nlab @ the Tate Britain (April 2008)

"Rafaël is one of Europe's most highly regarded visual artists. He has performed in festivals, museums and cultural institutions throughout Europe, America and Asia. His work can best be describe as Live Cinema-- a confluence of video, conceptual art and experimental music, all composed and interpreted before live audiences. Experimental live music, scratch, appliances, sounds de-constructions, noise & effects...." Article from La Vanguardia newspaper 2011

“Rafaël has worked as a video director and live video performer,
but his main occupation is photography. The photography and video images are processed with a computer into rhythmical sequences. Rafaël’s work has been shown, among others, at the ICA (Institute for Contemporary Arts in London), Outvidéo in Russia, Vidéoformes in France, etc...” Program of the 34th International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR 2005)

KYOULBOMYOELEUMGAEUL is a day by day - ongoing project made in Korea.
" KYOUL means Winter in Korean, BOM is Spring, YOELEUM is Summer and GAEUL is Autumn. It is Rafaël's 1 year - 4 seasons live-cinema exhibition and shorts films projects made in Korea, where he live curently. Every season composed by many sequences, divided by dates, and presented in chronological order as live-cinema performances, installations, screenings, etc... It is a day-by-day / on-going work and a kind of video-journal of his stay in Korea."
(Visual Artbeat magazine #11 February-April 2013)

藝術家01/// R a f a ë l

曾被西班牙先鋒報La Vanguardia newspaper譽為歐洲重要藝術家之一。作品呈現於世界各國其中包含Tate Britain倫敦泰德美術館, ICA倫敦當代藝術協會, CAIXAforum巴塞隆那開夏當代藝術中心, 馬德里Madatac當代影音藝術節, 荷蘭鹿特丹影展, Transmediale德國柏林跨媒體藝術節… Resolume VJ 軟體專訪藝術家. 擅長呈現Live Cinema與蒙太奇般的視覺手法, 散發獨特的幽默元素。

此次將帶來作品KYOULBOMYOELEUMGAEUL: 一天一天歷經春夏秋冬的韓國逗留之視頻日記…

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