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Artists/// Christian Schröder
Christian Konrad Schröder lives and works in Vienna. He doesn´t have a prefered medium and tries to explore the possibilities of sound in a broad field ranging from scribblings on paper to multichannel soundinstallations. With Kollektiv/Rauschen, an interdisciplinary artist group based in Vienna, he organised exhibitions and concerts in their studio, played improvised noise-techno, composed and performed commissioned works for TBA 21, the Filmarchiv Vienna, the festival "Erwartung" (rmx of Arnold Schönberg), and presented a 14-channel soundinstallation at the Architectual Biennale in Venice 2014.

Performance Introduction︱

For Lacking Sound Festival I will play an improvised laptop-set, mixing digital sounds and fieldrecordings of Muyu (Wooden fish) in Taiwan and Okinawa.
For these recordings I choose a remote place with continuous sounds of nature, like waves etc., and play Muyu on top of it. Every recording follows the same procedure - I arrive on the site - I check my pulse as a vague metronome - I press record on my fieldrecorder and wait for some time - I start playing the same, simple rhythm for some minutes - I stop and stay silent. 
So far I recorded about 30 places, culminating in a dense soundstructure.


藝術家/// Christian Schröder

來自維也納的聲音藝術家Christian Konrad Schröder,對於聲音創作並沒有偏好的使用媒介,樂於運用不同的工具,開啓聲音的各種可能性,創作包含自紙本上書寫塗鴉的細微聲響到多頻道聲音裝置。曾與維也納跨領域藝術團體"Kollektiv / Rauschen" 合作舉辦展覽及聲音活動。表演即興電子噪音、編曲創作及受邀維也納提森•博內米薩當代藝術美術館(TBA 21)、維也納電影資料館與Erwartung音樂節的委任演出,並於2014年威尼斯建築雙年展呈現14頻道的聲音裝置。




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