Jasper Fung

Jasper Fung

Jasper Fung is a sound artist, keyboardist, and electronic musician. He makes installations and composition that seeks to bring into sharp focus the notion of interactivity in the social context. Fung’s work infuses diverse influences ranging from classical music, alternative music, sound art and spatial installations, with a strong desire to challenge traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Performance Introduction︱

Samples Recital is a keyboard improvisation performance. As a keyboard player, the performer decided to extend the possibility of the interface of the traditional black and white keys, seeing the digital keyboard as a pure sampler. Real time & Pre-recorded Samples are being triggered while the performer is improvising to create a distinct listening experience. Through the experiment of combing the musical elements and any sounding objects, the performer developed his manifest of contemporary music using his own way of understanding. 

With gentle performing gesture and contradicting samples, the performer brings the audience to a novel like journey which is also a part of the imaginations by the performer himself. The piece is based on time. It creates an intense atmosphere and regards as a performance which inject cinematic elements with images absent from a new perspective. 


Samples Recital 作品是一個即興電子琴的表演。作為一位電子琴演奏者,演出者將以擴增傳統黑白琴鍵界面的可能性,是以在彈奏琴鍵的同時,透過取樣的介入錯置創造出有別於以往的聽覺饗宴。音樂性元素與聲音素材的實驗性結合,呈現的是對當代音樂自我理解轉換下的回應。以時間為基底,注入電影元素,演出的過程所特意營造的緊湊氛圍,是透過聲音的演出,帶給觀眾影像不在場,卻深附畫面感地聽覺享受。隨著輕柔的彈奏動作與背馳交錯的取樣,表演者將帶領聽者進入那源於自身幻想,如小說般情節的旅程。

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