Lacking Sound Festival Listen 90
2014, December, 20 (Sat) @ITPARK (41, 3fl YiTong St. TAIPEI)
Entrance Time︱19:00 Starts Punctually At 20:00
Entrance Fee︱Free Entry 

Lacking Sound Fest. X Lin Chi-Wei 
失聲祭 X 林其蔚 

    1.  磁帶音樂簡體版:林其蔚(2012)
         Tape Music (simplified chinese version) / Lin Chi-Wei (2012) 
    2. 七音練習:林其蔚(2014)
         Etude Seven Tones 1-14 / Lin Chi-Wei (2014)
    3. 單調交響曲:伊夫.克萊因 (Yves Klein) (1947) 
         Symphonie Monotone / Yves Klein (1947)

台灣聲響藝術先鋒、聲響實驗藝術家–林其蔚 將於失聲祭2014歲末活動 [聽90] 
帶來暌違已久的聲音演出 演出的曲目包含改版巡演於各國的「音腸」 跳脫過去透過與現場觀眾互動的呈現方式 磁盤運作的帶子 將經由專業合唱者吟唱出別於過去演出模式的合音樣貌 --- 磁帶音樂簡體版:林其蔚(2012)Tape Music (simplified chinese version) / Lin Chi-Wei (2012) 

傳遞於合聲者手中的帶子 進階分化出各聲部 以台語音韻作為練習曲目的首場演出 --- 七音練習:林其蔚(2014)Etude Seven Tones 1-14 / Lin Chi-Wei (2014)

經典重現法國60年代新現實主義者(Nouveaux Realistes)、前衛藝術家伊夫克萊因的單調交響曲(Synphonie Monotone of Yves Klein) ,所有合唱者將唱同一音高,所有樂器將共同演奏一個單音,環伺地聲能將蔓延、潰散至砌聚凝和。 --- 單調交響曲:伊夫.克萊因 (Yves Klein) (1947) Symphonie Monotone / Yves Klein (1947)

演出人員 / 
指揮 - 音樂指導:張雅雯
長 笛:彭潔儀,單簧管:周依萱,長號:許立偉
合 唱:
s 張彧彧  莊妤甄  吳貞儀
a 施惠婷 吳岱焄  陳秀彤
t 游博能 韓智淳
b 方軾涵 朱宴仁 

Taiwan’s pioneer experimental sound artist- Lin Chi-Wei will be performing at LSF’s 2014 end of the year event [LSF90]
The long anticipated performance consists of his “Sound Intestines”, which has toured several countries. The performance parts with audience interaction and instead has invited professional choir singers to deliver a completely new appearance-Tape Music (simplified chinese version) / Lin Chi-Wei (2012) 

As a debut performance, the magnetic tape passed along choir members is differentiated into various distributions through practices of Taiwanese phonetics.-Etude Seven Tones 1-14 / Lin Chi-Wei (2014)

A reenactment of the classic French 1960’s Nouveaux Realistes, the avant-garde artist Yves Klein's Synphonie Monotone of Yves Klein. All performers will sing the same pitch, all instruments play the same note, the energy of sound circles and extends, collapses then coagulates. - (Yves Klein) (1947) Symphonie Monotone / Yves Klein (1947)

about artist Lin Chi-Wei 藝術家林其蔚

LSF Curator︱ LAI Tsung-Yun . Kuan-YI 

Supervised by︱Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government
Organized by︱Lacking Sound Festival Team
In Cooperation with︱ITPARK

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