David Toop / David Toop x Yannick DAUBY

▲Artist︱David Toop / David Toop x Yannick DAUBY

David Toop is a composer/musician, author and curator based in London, experienced in many fields of sound art and music, including improvisation, sound installations, field recordings, pop music production, music for television, theatre and dance. He has recorded Yanomami shamanism in Amazonas, appeared on Top of the Pops with the Flying Lizards, exhibited sound installations in Tokyo, Beijing and London’s National Gallery, and performed with artists ranging from John Zorn, Evan Parker, Bob Cobbing and Ivor Cutler to Akio Suzuki, Elaine Mitchener, Lore Lixenberg, Scanner and Max Eastley. Since his first album, released on Brian Eno’s Obscure label in 1975, he has recorded nine solo albums, including Screen Ceremonies, Black Chamber and Sound Body, and many collaborations. Currently writing Into the Maelstrom: Improvisation, Music and the Dream of Freedom, he is also the co-creator of Sculpture events with artist Rie Nakajima. Since 2013 he has been Professorial Chair of Audio Culture and Improvisation at University of the Arts London

Yannick DAUBY born in 1974 in the Mediterranean Alps, France. Living and working in Taiwan since 2007.His sound practice was initiated around 1996, studying tape music (musique concrète in French). He began working with field recording since 1998, during a travel in a distant country, capturing fragments of environments, urban situations, animal signals and unusual acoustic phenomenon. On stage, he improvises mainly with recorded sounds, modular synthesizer and computer. His active discography includes personal compositions, documentations of performances, and selected phonographies.

Performance Introduction1.︱David Toop solo
The source of everything I do is improvisation. I discovered improvising through playing guitar in blues bands in the 1960s. In subsequent decades my approach to improvising has changed according to technological developments and the way my interests have opened out. We live in a strange world right now: a lot of our time is spent online, growing accustomed to virtual and telematic relationships with people, environments, objects, distance and time; simultaneously we continue to live as humans have always lived, seeking shelter, human contact, sustenance and finding meaning through interactions that involve proximity. Presence continues to be important, whether through touch, smell or listening, or simply to be close to nature or an important person. The tools I work with attempt to deal with these different worlds. 
I work with a computer, making sound files from very simple home-made sounds and actions, then transforming them in my studio and in real-time performance, but I also work with contact microphones, prepared guitar, organic materials and flutes. There is a conflict in my mind between many of these sounds – inspired by forensic listening to bioacoustics, room sounds and so on – and how they are made. Does is come from breath produced within the body or from some technical process that I don’t understand? I want to share an intense listening experience with an audience as if we are hearing through the auditory equivalent of a microscope but I am also conscious of the discrepancy between presence and absence. Somehow we are learning to adapt. 

Performance Introduction2.︱David Toop x Yannick DAUBY
Meeting on a sound loom. A flute and a computer, amplified little things. Pile of shale, branches of coral, a few hidden recordings and electronic devices. No clear idea, just weaving the making and the listening.

▲演出者︱David Toop / David Toop x Yannick DAUBY
David Toop來自英國倫敦的David Toop 是一位作曲家、音樂家、評論家及策展人,涉略涵蓋各範疇的聲音藝術及音樂創作,包括即興、聲音裝置、田野錄音、流行音樂產業、電視、劇場、舞蹈等配樂。與英國實驗搖滾樂團The Flying Lizards合作收錄自亞馬遜河流域雅諾馬馬人薩滿儀式錄音的專輯播映於英國流行音樂節目Top of the Pops。聲音裝置曾於東京、北京及倫敦的國家美術館展出。並曾與John Zorn、Evan Parker、Bob Cobbing、Ivor Cutler、Akio Suzuki、Elaine Mitchener、Lore Lixenberg、Scanner(Robin Rimbaud)和Max Eastley等聲音藝術家合作。自1975年於Brian Eno’s Obscure發行首張專輯,至今已收錄9張個人創作及其他創作合輯。於2013年始為倫敦藝術大學聲音傳播文化/即興創作主任。

Yannick DAUBY 彭葉生1974年生於法國,自2007開始在台灣生活與工作。約1996年開始從事聲音藝術,研究具體音樂(musique concrète) 。1998年開始使用錄音器材,在異鄉捕捉環境、文明、生態的片段以及特殊的聲音範本。表演時,他使用聲音樣本、合成器、與電腦即興演出。他的錄音作品包括了個人曲調創作,表演紀錄與速記表音符號。 

表演簡介1.︱David Toop solo

表演簡介2.︱David Toop x Yannick DAUBY

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