Yun Jen Lee (李昀臻)

▲Artist︱Yun Jen Lee

Yun Jen received his MA degree in Physics from National Taiwan Normal University and has been teaching physics in high school for five years. At the present, he is working on interactive installations and audio-visual performances. In 2010, he started teaching physics through the use of pure data as an assisting tool and shared his reviews with Openlab.Taipei. He has performed at demoparty, 2011 icos and On Site.  

Performance Introduction︱
The process of learning to dance is the way to hear sounds inside the body occurring by muscles reactions and bone collisions, and it leads you to wonder that a dancing move could be along with the sounds inside a body. According to that, the wok is about using contact microphones which are attached to the body parts and bringing the inside body sounds out to let the body follow it and dance. During the construction process, it comes to a feedback loop. 

台灣師範大學物理所畢業,曾任高中物理老師五年。作品跨足互動裝置及音像表演。2010年開始利用pure data在課堂上作物理輔助教學,並在Openlab.Taipei分享『Pd』在物理教學上的心得,曾在demoparty、2011 icos、混種派對上表演。


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