Szkieve is the project of Dimitri della Faille born in Belgium and now residing in Ottawa, Canada. Since 1997, Szkieve, he has given performances and workshops in over 15 countries (such as Argentina, Brazil, China, Chile, Ecuador, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay). He has performed in a wide variety of alternative cultural venues, art galleries and established festivals (such as Elektra and Mutek). Szkieve has released half a dozen solo CD's, and about as much collaboration and split releases on CD's and on vinyl. Dimitri is the founder of the Hushush label. 

Szkieve’s music is influenced by the tradition of industrial music of his native Belgium but also by experimental and noise music as well as learned contemporary electroacoustic music. Szkieve's sound explorations could be compared to the works of modern electronic composers. But instead of 'dry academic experiments', Szkieve transforms sounds and noise into moods and the result is quite unusual for this genre.

Performance Introduction︱
After an almost two year hiatus, this improvised performance Szkieve will present a brand new set consisting of loops, drones and synthetic noise. This performance will be intense and complex, made rich textures and expansive sounds combined with slow pulse, string melodies and high-pitched synthetic tones.


Szkieve是由比利時出生,現定居於加拿大渥太華的藝術家Dimitri della Faille所進行的項目。自1997年始,Szkieve在超過15個國家進行演出及工作坊(包含阿根廷、巴西、中國、智利、厄瓜多爾 、印尼、日本、墨西哥、秘魯、烏拉圭)。他也曾於各式另類藝文空間、藝廊及藝術祭做演出(像是Elektra Festival跟Mutek)。Szkieve過去發行過6張個人創作CD,以及合作發行跟單獨發行的CD及黑膠唱片。藝術家Dimitri同時是品牌Hushush的創辦人。受到比利時傳統及工業音樂極深影響的Szkieve,同時也深受實驗音樂、噪音、當代電聲音樂的啓發與熏陶。不同於學院派實驗聲響,Szkieve將聲響跟噪音純粹的狀態轉化至心緒的演繹,呈現另一迥異的聆聽風貌。



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