Shih-Yang LEE x Yannick DAUBY

【LSF Artist-in-Residence Program 4.0】

Artist︱ Shih-Yang LEE x Yannick DAUBY

Shih-Yang LEE 
He is an interdisciplinary pianist that crosses between classical and improvisational piano, and has performed with artists from several disciplines. He is currently the leader of the band Ka Dao Yin (aka Caught Up In). In a cooperative work with the renowned Fred van Hove, their album ‘Galactic Alignment’ received honorable mentions by The New York City Jazz Record and was recommended by Taiwan’s senior music critic, describing it as ‘worthy of being listed in Taiwan’s historic music classics’. He was also the first Taiwanese to be invited to perform at the météo Mulhouse music festival in france, in 2013.

Yannick DAUBY
Born in 1974 in the Mediterranean Alps, France. Living and working in Taiwan since 2007.His sound practice was initiated around 1996, studying tape music (musique concrète in French). He began working with field recording since 1998, during a travel in a distant country, capturing fragments of environments, urban situations, animal signals and unusual acoustic phenomenon. On stage, he improvises mainly with recorded sounds, modular synthesizer and computer. His active discography includes personal compositions, documentations of performances, and selected phonographies.


演出者︱李世揚x Yannick DAUBY

跨足於古典音樂與即興演奏的鋼琴家,其合作過的藝術家來自於各領域。目前為「卡到音即興樂團」召集人。曾與歐洲鋼琴巨擘 Fred van Hove 合作,並且發行《冬至》,為國內首場雙鋼琴自由即興現場影音紀錄,該專輯獲得美國 The New York City Jazz Record 年度新發行榮譽提名,並被台灣資深樂評強力推薦為「足以列名台灣音樂史上的經典之作」。2013年夏季個人受邀至法國米魯斯MÉTÉO音樂節演出,為三十年來首位榮登該節的台灣人。

Yannick DAUBY
1974年生於法國,自2007開始在台灣生活與工作。約1996年開始從事聲音藝術,研究具體音樂(musique concrète) 。1998年開始使用錄音器材,在異鄉捕捉環境、文明、生態的片段以及特殊的聲音範本。表演時,他使用聲音樣本、合成器、與電腦即興演出。他的錄音作品包括了個人曲調創作,表演紀錄與速記表音符號。

Performance Introduction︱

This is a journey to arouse the imagination with seemingly incompatible yet harmonious conversations between piano, field recordings and noise. At the same time, it is lifting all limits to improvisation, embracing the beauty of its vast potential. 



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