Interpretaciones del leve sentir (a.k.a. Idls)

Opening Artist︱Interpretaciones del leve sentir (a.k.a. Idls)

Interpretaciones del leve sentir (a.k.a. Idls) started as a series of experimental home recordings trying to reflect feelings, mental dialogues and express inner ideas through music. Idls is a hybrid of electronic music and pure/human sounds started out in the own body, in guitars or even in some ethnic instruments. 

暖場藝術家︱Interpretaciones del leve sentir (a.k.a. Idls)

Interpretaciones del leve sentir (a.k.a. Idls) 最初是起自一系列藉由音樂來反映自我情感、與內心的對話與抒發內在想法的實驗性錄音,進而發展成混合電子音樂與發自身體性、吉他或民族傳統樂器等純粹|人聲聲響的混種音貌。 

Performance Introduction︱

Minimal, idm and ambient influenced, the live set is based on the sounds coming from a synth and some beats mostly sampled from natural and urban environments (ex: drum kits created from a forest). The lead instrument is the voice, the looped voices that turn into a choir... The voice sometimes ethereal, sometimes just works as another instrument.


受到極簡風格、智能音樂及氛圍電子樂的影響。現場演出的聲音主要來自電聲合成器和以自大自然及城鎮環境音為範本的節奏音(例如:鼓樂器的節奏取樣於森林的環境音)。演出中最重要的樂器是人聲,成圈循環的人聲轉化為一種集體合奏… 進行中的人聲有時如空氣般的輕柔飄渺;有時卻又像另一種樂器的聲響呈現。

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