Dirty Electronics(John Richards)

ArtistDirty ElectronicsJohn Richards

Since 2003, John Richards has been exploring the idea of ‘Dirty Electronics’ that focuses on face-to-face shared experiences, ritual, gesture, touch and social interaction. In Dirty Electronics process and performance are inseparably bound. The ‘performance’ begins on the workbench devising instruments and is extended onto the stage through playing and exploring these instruments.

演出者︱Dirty Electronics(John Richards)

Dirty Electronics是英國聲音藝術家John Richards自2003年開始持續實踐的一個想法,透過人與人之間面對面的分享經驗,關於習俗儀式的、姿態動作的、肢體與肢體的碰觸抑或社交互動過程等的方式,作為一種聲音實驗建構的可能。Dirty Electronics的表演在經由各種發想的過程中逐步成形,而後讓始於工作台上開發的「樂器」再經實踐延伸至舞台上的演出。


Performance Introduction︱

Minimal, idm and ambient influenced, the live set is based on the sounds coming from a synth and some beats mostly sampled from natural and urban environments (ex: drum kits created from a forest). The lead instrument is the voice, the looped voices that turn into a choir... The voice sometimes ethereal, sometimes just works as another instrument.


Dirty Electronics的特色演出,以小型多功能的跳線排為核心工具進行擴聲、聲響變異換置以及網格視覺上的拼貼變數呈現。跳線排增加了一種獨特、趣味性的互動方式。飾以黑與銀的印製電路板的前方小格塊為一複合式觸控電極,可導致錯綜複雜各種連結的可能與結果狀態。透過混種四位元二進制編碼、回饋格式創造出不同聲音序列與視覺圖案的呈現。

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