Hugues Vincent

Artist︱Hugues Vincent

Improv cellist Hugues Vincent studied cello with Denise Cherret and jazz at Edim & Conservatory of Montreuil (France)... Over the years he has collaborated with: Joelle Léandre "String project" ; Otomo Yoshihide "New jazz ensemble" ; David S Ware's "ensemble à cordes".... Had improvisations with: Hachiya Maki, Mori Shige Yasumune, Jean François Pauvros, Luc Ex, Makoto Sato, Jean Luc Cappozzo, Itaru Oki... He has also worked along choreographic fields (Chia Yin Ling, Imre Thormann, Ima Tenko) He currently works as a solo artist and acts on stage in contemporary Dance contexts while touring different countries (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Italia, Spain, United-States, Morocco, Japan, Egypt, Taiwan...)

演出者︱Hugues Vincent

法國大提琴即興音樂家 Hugues Vincent, 師承Denise Cherret修習古典大提琴,並於法國蒙特勒伊的 Edim & Conservatory學習爵士樂。歷年來參於合作的藝術家及計劃有:Joelle Léandre的"String project"、Otomo Yoshihide的"New jazz ensemble"、David S Ware's的"ensemble à cordes"等。即興合奏的藝術家則有: Hachiya Maki、Mori Shige Yasumune、Jean François Pauvros、Luc Ex、Makoto Sato、Jean Luc Cappozzo、Itaru Oki...。舞蹈跨域合作藝術家:Chia Yin Ling、Imre Thormann、Ima Tenko。目前以獨奏及與當代舞團合作的形式活躍於各國(德國、比利時、荷蘭、意大利、西班牙、瑞士、美國、日本、摩洛哥、台灣...)。

Performance Introduction︱

The solo concert will be the last concert for my Taiwan Tour.  
As an improviser, my context is always inspired by the surroundings and environment. 
The performance will definitely reflect my feelings of the sound, noise, and breathing of Taiwan by using a small electro acoustic installation with the cello.



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