The Great Grave Towerism

ArtistThe Great Grave Towerism

FHY+YI, members of the teen idol duo CBMI, may fly solo but will never break up.
Hails renowned architect C. Y. Lee as their spiritual mentor; fascinated by the magnificence and banishment of life and death in the digital generation, like mayflies barely surviving the violence of internet, living sacrifices of the contemporary flailing hopelessly with the irrevocable tragic state of one’s mind and soul. 

演出者The Great Grave Towerism





Performance Introduction

Image recycling philanthropist, FHY, in the name of archaeology and recycling, treasures and cherishes digital images as if they were mayflies, taking them out once in a while as a form of rehabilitation.

AV junkie, YI, gazes wretchedly at men and women dazed under the fantasy of the digital, taking them apart into categories of the capital, energy, light source and models of the contemporary.




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