Hsien-Yu, Cheng(鄭先喻)&Yi-Pei, Cheng(鄭宜佩)

Special guest | Hsien-Yu, Cheng
Specializing in resetting recycled electronic components, circuits and uses programming language as creative media. He is fond of endowing electronic mechanical objects with human behavior or emotions as creative form.
At the present stage he is devoted to music software development, as well as getting acquainted with the knowledge and principles of biochemistry and medical devices in neuroscience, at the same time developing and producing prototypes for new projects.

url: chenghsienyu.com
email: chenghsienyu@aim.com

Special guest | Yi-Pei, Cheng
 In 2006, Yi-Pei was awarded an MA in harp from the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler Berlin. When she studied in Berlin, she served as a harpist at the symphony orchestra of the Academy of Music Hanns Eisler Berlin and also participated in the Berliner Sinfonie Orchester  (Berlin Symphony Orchestra), where she was invited to perform Mozart: Flute &Harp Concertos with the Berliner Philharmoniker (Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra). In 2005, she joined the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and choir on tour in Berlin. After returning home, she enthusiastically promoted the chamber music with harp (harp and flute, violin, trombone ... etc.). She has several experiences as an Orchestra guest harpist, including the Taipei Symphony Orchestra, the Evergreen Symphony Orchestra, the Chimei Philharmonic Orchestra, the Philharmonia Moments Musicaux , the Taiwan Wind Ensemble… ….

特別演出 |鄭宜佩
2006年於”Hanns Eisler”柏林國立高等音樂院獲得豎琴演奏家碩士文憑。留德期間擔任柏林國立高等音樂院交響樂團豎琴手,並參與Berliner Sinfonie Orchester(柏林交響樂團協演、受邀與Berliner Kammerorchester(柏林室內樂團演出莫札特豎琴與長笛協奏曲,2005年與柏林室內樂團及合唱團於柏林各大教堂巡迴演出。回國後積極推廣豎琴室內樂演奏(豎琴與長笛、小提琴、長號等)。客席樂團演出經驗,包括:台北市立交響樂團、長榮交響樂團、台北愛樂交響樂團、奇美愛樂管絃樂團、普羅交響樂團、樂興之時管弦樂團、台北音契合唱管絃樂團、台灣管樂團等。

Performence Introduction |
The performance will focus on the creation of music using electronic sound and classical harp as tools, with simultaneous connection of computer programs. At the same time, self-made electronic components will be played as major parts or secondary roles in the performance.
Enough with the spoilers!
Ps. the combination of noise and harp will make you want to dance!


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