g•£•ø•m•€•†•€•r (Kyle Kaplan)

g•£•ø•m•€•†•€•r is Kyle Kaplan. He is originally from Los Angeles, and has been living in Taipei since October of 2012. His work blends disparate emotional and textural elements, weaving soft ambiences with thick distortion, complex layers of percussion with delicate synths, nostalgic samples with abstract sound design. He has given multimedia performances under various monikers in Montreal, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, and Taipei.

Performance Introduction︱
g•£•ø•m•€•†•€•r’s performance originally consisted of custom software developed for complete integration between audio and video. In order to streamline the process of creating music, as well as create a level of transparency for the audience, g•£•ø•m•€•†•€•r’s present performance consists solely of hardware. The loop based sequencers being used allow for arranging, rearranging, manipulation and resampling in realtime, giving the performer a large degree of control over the presentation of his work.
The visual component is software custom built by the artist in Max/MSP/Jitter. The program stacks layers of simple 3D geometric shapes, with the colors being determined by processed video being mapped to the outside of the shapes. A number of audio parameters are arranged modularly to connect to various visual functions. Audio from the mixer is then sent directly to the program, analyzed and then used to control the available visual parameters. Random interpolation between presets created within this program allow the program to perpetually generate a new visual experience, leaving the performer free to focus on the audio.




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