Lacking Sound Festival Listen 64
2012, October, 26 (Fri) @noiseKitchen
Entrance Time︱18:30 Starts Punctually At 19:30
Entrance Fee︱NT$.150(with drink)

【LSF Artist-in-Residence Program 2.2】

Opening Artist︱Aki
Artist︱YAO, Chung-Han
Artist︱WANG , Chung-Kun 

LSF Artist-in-Residence Program Performance Introduction︱
Artists│YAO, Chung-Han × WANG, Chung-Kun
Chung-Kun Wang and Chung-Han Yao acquainted each other during their study at graduate school. In 2005, they started to do some sound art together.
People are always confused by their closely similar names, so one might calls Chung-Han Yao as Chung-"Kun" Yao, or Chung-Kun Wang as Chung-"Han" Wang.
Finally people can tell one from another apart by what they do. Yao is responsible for fluorescent lamp, and Wang for bottles.
They two are always busy, but no one knows what their bustling will create.

失聲祭 Listen64
2012, October, 26(Fri) @噪咖
入場時間︱18:30入場 19:30準時開始
入場費︱NT$.150 (含飲料)

【駐祭計畫 2.2】


姚仲涵×王仲堃 駐祭表演簡介︱
王仲堃與姚仲涵 兩人在研究所相識,2005起一同鑽研聲音藝術
常被人搞混 譬如 看著姚仲涵 叫 姚仲堃
或是 看著 王仲堃 叫 王仲涵
直到後來 大家才分得出來 做日光燈的是姚仲涵 做酒瓶的是王仲堃


Curator︱YAO, Chung-Han
Graphic Design︱Nat NIU
Project Manager︱FENG, Hsin

協辦單位︱台北數位藝術中心 ─噪咖
Supervised by︱Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government
Organized by︱Lacking Sound Festival Team
In Cooperation with︱Digital Art Center, Taipei ─noiseKitchen

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