Chao-Ming TUNG/ Nai-Chuan CHENG ( 董昭民 / 鄭乃銓 )

Artist︱Chao-Ming TUNG/ Nai-Chuan CHENG
TUNG and CHENG own a mentoring relationship between them, interested in making music through experimental approach, combining various media.

TUNG learnt the abstract logic of composing by the master of music theater, M. Kagel, and is strongly fascinated by the intense emotions revealed in Taiwanese traditional opera. He surpasses himself through artistic performances, learns from interdisciplinary collaboration, combines traditional and modern elements, and attempts to surmount the cycle of time and space, returning to the very origin of art.

CHENG plays western music from the background of Chinese music, turning his creation from commercial to academic. He was a student of Kuo-Liang NI, Wei-Min HSIEH, Wen-Chuan LIN, Che-Hui HSU, Koji Sakurai, and is now trying composing music with much more challenges.
TUNG and CHENG discuss about art and creation weekly in Institute of Music of National Chiao Tung University.
This time, they cross not only the interdisciplinary border, but also the generation, searching for the mutual touch from heart!

Performance Introduction︱Rotation
The rotation happening during functioning of machine is the cradle of electronic music. We control sound and visual elements by making use of gramophone records we created on we own, combining on-spot improvisation and electronic sound effect. The old record rotates, the new sound flows.
Gramophone and images: Nai-Chuan CHENG
Musical instrument and electronic sound: Chao-Ming TUNG

演出者︱董昭民 / 鄭乃銓

董昭民傳承自歐洲音樂劇場大師 M. Kagel的抽象邏輯,醉心於台灣傳統野台戲的情海波瀾。他藉由藝術表演突破自己,藉由跨界合作成長學習;結合傳統與現代元素,企圖跨越時空輪迴,回歸到藝術的最本源。
鄭乃銓從國樂跳西樂,從商業跨學院,曾事師倪國梁、謝緯民、林文川、許哲惠、Koji Sakurai等多位老師,目前開始更具挑戰性的音樂創作。

黑膠唱盤、影像: 鄭乃銓

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