Statement 2011

An open letter from Lacking Sound Festival founder YAO, Chung-Han

Dear friends

Happy New Year !!

From 2007, 4 young artists started the local sound art event "Lacking Sound Festival" in Taipei by themselves. The reason why they held this festival was the dissatisfaction with the development and promotion of sound art in Taiwan. They tried to find out the sound art belonged to Taiwan through the festival which is held once a month through a whole year.

From 2008 to 2010, we started to apply the grants from Department of Cultural Affairs of Taipei City Government to raise money for the festival. The amount of grants was not so stable every year, however it related to the scale of the event. While more and more friends and audience participate the festival every month, it is a great encourage and becomes a drive to make the festival more professional and international.

In 2011, not only Lacking Sound Festival will goes on, we are also planning to publish "Lacking Sound Festival" documentary in the end of the year to show the achievements through 4 years and to witness the precious performances by so many brilliant local artists.

The funding pool of the government is always so small for so many artists. As a founder and an organizer of Lacking Sound Festival, I am thinking about the possibility to get more physical support from our audience to operate the festival. If Lacking Sound Festival always waits for the grants passively, it would be difficult to bring you better programs and to promote our local sound art to the world.

From this year, Lacking Sound Festival will charge NTD. 50 each entry.
A small coin from you will pour more energy into us.

Thank you so much for your great support.
See you soon in Lacking Sound Festival again.

Founder YAO,Chung-Han
2nd Jan. 2011

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