Empty Space On A Chessboard ( 棋盤上的空格 )

Artist︱ Empty Space On A Chessboard
Empty Space On A Chessboard is an audiovisual group initiated by if. and xarkray since 2010. E.S.O.A.C. focus on the live performance which presents by the combination of Electronic / IDM / Ambient music, sound and visual projection. Likewise, the group provides the audience with a sense - challenging experience.

Performance Introduction︱"Home" project
The materials were sourced from the sound and voice all over Taiwan, accompanying images captured from place to place in Taiwan.
The overall presentation of the work is to implement sound-design technology accompanying electronica music and the concept of soundtrack from movie/TV, with post production of digital visual art.

棋盤上的空格 是一個電子音樂/影像團體,成立於2010年,由 xarkray 和 if. 共同組成,現場表演以大型影像投影/播放並結合音樂演出為主。E.S.O.A.C.音樂曲風為Electronic / IDM /Ambient 並配合視覺藝術與短片穿插進行,帶給觀眾不同的視覺與聽覺感受。

表演簡介︱"Home" project

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