ZHANG, Yo-Sheng ( 張又升 )

Artist︱Zhang, Yo-Sheng
Zhang is the host of Kandala Records, a modern noise brand in Taipei, also the planner of “NOISE80000V” in the brand festival (it will be held in Aug, 21th and 22th this year). He is a noise musician and the impromptu guitar player in Jump Off Overpass, and performed several times in Nanhai Gallery. His works include Taiwan Free Sound disc 2, published by KR, and an upcoming personal noise album “Spry”.

Performance Introduction
mixer + tape + contact mic+ pedals = no-input

台北前衛噪音廠牌旃陀羅唱片 (Kandala Records: http://kandalarecords.tw) 主持人,廠牌音樂祭 "噪音八萬伏特" (NOISE80000V) 策劃人 (今年 8/21、8/22 舉行)。噪音樂手,跳天橋 (Jump Off Overpass) 即興吉他手,曾多次在南海藝廊演出,作品可見於 KR 發行的 Taiwan Free Sound 雙 CD 合輯 (disc 2),以及即將發行的首張個人噪音專輯 "活潑" (Spry)。

mixer + tape + contact mic+ pedals = no-input

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