Lin Chiwei 林其蔚

● Artists︱Lin Chiwei

Lin Chiwei has received training in literature, anthropology and fine art. He creates sound works with the participation of the audience. Lin was the co-founding member of Zero and Sound Liberation Organization (Z.S.L.O.), the first noise group in Taiwan. He also co-organised Taipei Broken Life Festival which marks the highpoint of the local noise movement. Since the late-1990s, Lin has been exploring in the realms of folklore culture, and through his work, integrating sound, ritual and the participation of the audience.

Performance Note︱
Sequencer Music II is Lin Chi-Wei’s latest production of minimal music presented for the very first time to the audience. The whole piece will be recorded on-site and then be directly played live.

● 藝術家︱林其蔚



Sequencer Music II :  序列機音樂 II 是林其蔚首次發表的極微反複音樂新曲,全曲將在現場錄音,隨後並於現場首播。

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