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The "Analogue" sound is a notion sound workers often pursue, and "Motion", though subtle, is one of the most indispensible aspects in the structure of music. Committed to becoming a professional sound design team, AnalogueMotions is dedicated to exploring unique and novel sounds, and welcome all types of interdisciplinary cooperation.

類比 (Analogue)" 是聲音工作者經常追求的目標;而動態 (Motions)" 則是音樂結構中,細緻卻不可或缺的一環,類比動態以成為專業的聲音工作團隊為目標,致力於探索各種獨特且新奇的聲響,並期待各類型的跨領域合作。

Performence Introduction | Filmusic

When recalling old yet classic films, the reflections that arise are often saturated with more than just film plots. In addition to impressionistic scenes and dialogues, the ambience, the surroundings, even the memories of dispute from the night before, the final exam from the day after, creep into what we conceive as our memory of the film.

The work utilizes films with significance to youth as raw material, and tries to capture, through synthesizers, electronic equipment and random sampling, the aura of memories. Through deconstruction and reconstruction by the computer, a unique musical texture has been produced; creating rhythmic, stratified Lo-Fi sound while retaining the tenderness of acoustic ambience. It presents sequential frames of experimental, twisted and dramatic music scenery. 

The processes of shaping memory are usually intimate and implicit, through reinterpretation of the works we aim to share the performers’ meta perspective of the films with the audience. But for those who haven’t seen the films, the content of the performance and the acoustic experiences will affect their senses when they do see the original works in the future. We believe it will create a very interesting interaction.





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